Pacifica Executive Directors 2007-2008

Here's some archival information about a couple of Pacifica Executive Directors.

At its September 2007, meeting the PNB announced that Nicole Sawaya, former General Manager of KPFA, would become the Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation starting in mid-November.

It was then reported by The Berkeley Daily Planet that Ms. Sawaya had seemingly resigned after one month on the job, but that discussions were going on between her and the PNB. Exactly what the nature of those discussions might have been about was not known by anyone outside of the principals involved. Dan Siegal, Pacifica's General Counsel, continued to act as Pacifica's interim Executive Director.

UPDATE: The Pacifica Foundation has issued a press release dated March 4, 2008, saying that, “Nicole Sawaya has accepted the offer of the Pacifica National Board to return as Pacifica's Executive Director. She will resume her duties as of March 5, 2008, and will attend the Houston meeting next week.” The press release is signed by interim Executive Director Dan Siegal.

I have prepared a Web page devoted to the September 2007, PNB meeting. It includes short, edited audio clips culled from the recordings of that meeting. They mostly concern the current financial crisis of Pacifica and WBAI. Click here to go to the page about this important meeting.

Meanwhile there's an interesting video interview with former Executive Director Greg Guma available.

Pacifica Executive Director Nicole Sawaya has quit again, this time permanently, as of October 2008. Her farewell letter is here.

Here's some archival information about the National Finance Committee.

On November 29, 2007, the PNB's Finance Committee held a teleconference meeting where a lot of serious financial information was disclosed. Among other things, WBAI could end up not being able to pay its bills by April 2008. Audio excerpts of that meeting are here.

The PNB's Finance Committee held another regular teleconference meeting on December 10, 2007. The committee's WBAI working group reported at this meeting. Click here to listen to an audio excerpt of this report, and read my summary of the other happenings at this meeting.

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