Date sent:       Sun, 05 Sep 1999 14:40:29 -0700
From:            Vince Ivory <>
Subject:         Enfoque Latino / Labor Day

Enfoque Latino, KPFK's only Spanish language public affairs program, has been canceled.

On what turned out to be their last broadcast (August 21), Enfoque Latino reported on the August 17 demonstration at KPFK, and they gave the Pacifica Accountability Committee's phone number. A few days
later the Enfoque Latino producers were informed by Program Director Kathy Lo that the program was suspended for one week, and that there was to be a meeting with management. On August 28, the listeners were told that Enfoque Latino had been pre-empted for a special program and would be back the following week.

The meeting between the Enfoque Latino producers and KPFK management never took place. When the Enfoque Latino producers went to KPFK on September 4, they were informed by the broadcast engineer that their program had been canceled after 13 years. They join reporter Robin Urevich in being shown the door by KPFK management for trying to tell people about what's really going on at KPFK and Pacifica Radio.

Some of the producers of Enfoque Latino, along with Robin Urevich, will be joining with the Pacifica Accountability Committee in the Labor Day Parade in Wilmington, and hopefully, will have an opportunity to address the rally there. The parade starts Monday morning at 10:00, at the corner of Broad Ave. and E St. (Thomas Brothers page 794-E7), and will go to Banning Park. We're asking people to bring something to wear as a gag to protest Pacifica's "gag rule," and bring some food for the picnic afterward.

The next demonstration at KPFK will be Saturday, September 11, from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. KPFK is located at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North Hollywood.

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