Audio of the April 7, 2008, Program

The official WBAI archive says, “Note: On Monday April 7th (and perhaps earlier) the clock on the computer recording the station was off by an hour. Thus, some shows have their time wrong. In addition, there were temporary problems recording these archives from the evening of the 7th until the morning of the 8th. We are working on restoring the shows that aired then.”

As a result of this Back of the Book only shows up after an hour of audio from the previous program, and then it starts off the next audio selection. It hasn't been corrected in the archives yet so I'm going to make it easier for you to hear this program.

I've put only the Back of the Book Audio up here. It's still in two parts, but that's what we've got.

Back of the Book program April 7, 2008, part 1 of 2  Play 44:57   download 9,663 KB

Back of the Book program April 7, 2008, part 2 of 2  Play 58:21   download 10,261 KB

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