Ballots Were Returned to the Wrong ZIP code

So Pickles of the North finally received her ballot for the Staff election. But we noticed that the ZIP code on the envelope which she was supposed to use to return the ballot had been crossed out and a different ZIP code had been written in by hand.

So I wrote to the Local and National Election Supervisors and asked why there were two different ZIP codes on the ballot return envelopes. Below is the Local Election Supervisor's reply.

Subject: Re: Why are there different ZIP codes on our envelopes?
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 16:53:18 -0400
From: WBAI Local-Election-Supervisor <>
To: R. Paul Martin <>
CC: <> ...

There was an error at the printing house. The correct ZIP code is 10008-3454. Then envelopes that have the incorrect address are being forwarded to the proper location and box but in attempt to expedite this process once it was brought to our attention we have replace the incorrect address with the correct zip and box manually. Be assured all ballots have been forwarded and are accounted for.


Nichole Justice-Hylton

I am not feeling all that assured, especially by people who didn't bother to check that the envelopes were addressed correctly in the first place, and who can't be bothered to proof read what they write.

On my ballot return envelope the ZIP code was 10027-8831. This means that it got sent to the wrong Post Office. All of us, both Staff and listeners, who got our ballots on time would have had the wrong ZIP code on the return envelope. And so we'll all have to hope that the Post Office actually did forward our ballots.

What of those who got their ballots early, but didn't vote right away? I have to wonder how long it takes for an envelope with the incorrect ZIP code to be rerouted to the proper Post Office Box in another Post Office. And, from experience, I am not confident in the ability of Post Office folks to get the forwarding done in a timely manner at all. I'm sure this forwarding chore is largely looked at by them as a serious inconvenience caused by someone else's blunder.

And does anyone know where the Post Office for the 10008 ZIP code actually is? I know that the 10027 ZIP code Post Office is on 125th St. in Manhattan, but the USPS Web site can't find a Post Office for a 10008 ZIP code! Oh, this election may end up being quite the disaster.

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