Pat Logan resigns as Vice-Chair of the WBAI LSB

Subject: [WBAI-LSB-PUBLIC] Pat Logan resigns as Vice-Chair
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 04:20:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Pat Logan

Good morning fellow LSB members,

In order to make sure that there is as little confusion as possible at Wednesday's Local Station Board meeting, I am alerting you in advance that I resign as Vice-Chair. When I agreed to serve I did not realize the likelihood that I would have to serve as Chair for multiple, consecutive meetings. Having, throughout the past 32 years, observed blind people successfully chairing meetings,I assumed I could do a good job without sufficiently taking into account the disorder and stridency that pervade our meetings. Relative chaus is not condusive to hearing adequately, thinking well or making the best possible rulings. I dread the stress and my dissatisfaction with my own performance eats away at my self esteme. So it is, after much consideration, for the sake of my psychological health that I make this decision. I apologize for the difficulties my decision will cause the Board and for disappointing those who put their confidence in me.

Pat Logan