E-mail from Local Elections Supervisor Dale Ratner Regarding the Removal of Casey Peters as National Elections Supervisor

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:13:00 -0400
From: Vote WBAI
To: votewbai@gmail.com, "DanMSiegel@aol.com"

Dear Candidates and Board Member

Pacifica Corporate Counsel Dan Siegel has just informed me that Casey Peters is no longer the national elections supervisor. He will not be coming to New York. However Dan Siegel wants me to continue as the supervisor for WBAI.

There will still be a ballot drop off day at WBAI tomorrow from 12 PM to 9 PM. I cannot be there because of commitments to graduate school and previously planned meetings for my Master's Supervision. Dan Siegel will arrange for someone to accept ballots at WBAI from 12 PM to 9 PM and keep them for me in a safe location.

We will still meet on Saturday and Sunday, March 15th and 16th to count for quorum and separate staff and listener sponsor ballots. This will still be done at WBAI. The new meeting time will be 11 AM on both days.

Dan Siegel has hired a company called True Ballot, Incorporated to scan and tally ballots. I will be working with True Ballot, Incorporated to make this process fair, smooth, and accurate. I will inform you of when and where the ballots will be scanned and tallied in the next few days.

I am very sorry for this sudden announcement and the delay and I thank you all for your patience.


Dale Ratner
Local Elections Supervisor-WBAI

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