Certified Election Results for the 2007 WBAI Elections

Subject: Certified Election Results-WBAI LSB
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 21:43:57 -0400
From: Vote WBAI 
To: votewbai@gmail.com, "DanMSiegel@aol.com" <DanMSiegel@aol.com>,

Dear all,

Below are the certified results from the 2007 WBAI Local Station Board 
election. Congratulations to all the candidates and winners. I think 
that all of you were excellent candidates and wanted the best for the 
future of WBAI and Pacifica Radio. I enjoyed this job and working with 
all of you.


Dale Ratner
Deputy National Elections Supervisor

### Results of 2007 WBAI LSB Listener seats

CANDIDATE                         TOTAL   STATUS
Omowale Clay                    ELECTED -- 1st round
James Ross                      ELECTED -- 1st round
Tibby Brooks                    ELECTED -- 2nd round
Bernardo Palombo                ELECTED -- 3rd round
Lisa Davis                      ELECTED -- 4th round
Sara Flounders                  ELECTED -- 7th round
Jennifer Jager                  ELECTED -- 18th round
Robert M. Gold                  ELECTED -- 20th round
Don Mathieson                   ELECTED -- 20th round
Seth Goldberg                   DEFEATED -- 19th round
Bok-keem Nyerere                DEFEATED -- 17th round
Carla Cubit                     DEFEATED -- 16th round
Pat Logan                       DEFEATED -- 15th round
Wellington Echegaray            DEFEATED -- 14th round
Kenneth Laufer                  DEFEATED -- 13th round
Stefan S. Neustadter            DEFEATED -- 12th round
Marianella Trioche              DEFEATED -- 11th round
Lee McClure-Come                DEFEATED -- 10th round
Ronaldo Bini                    DEFEATED -- 9th round
Albert Solomon                  DEFEATED -- 8th round
Marian Borenstein               DEFEATED -- 6th round
EXHAUSTED PILE:                        204.71973      
TOTALS:                               2731   

### Results of 2007 WBAI LSB Staff seats (matched PINs only)

R. Paul Martin          ELECTED -- 1st round
Vajra Kilgour           ELECTED -- 3rd round
Max Schmid              ELECTED -- 5th round
Cerene Roberts          DEFEATED -- 5th round
Louis Reyes Rivera      DEFEATED -- 5th round
Reggie Johnson  0       DEFEATED -- 4th round
Delphine Blue           DEFEATED -- 2nd round
EXHAUSTED PILE:               21.40317       
TOTALS:                       97     

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