Hey folks, it's none your business...
Remarks to KPFA Listeners
From Lynn Chadwick, Pacifica Executive Director
Friday, April 2, 1999

This is Lynn Chadwick, Executive Director of Pacifica with a message for our listeners. Over the last several months, there has been a good deal of confusion and speculation about some changes made within the Pacifica organization. I had previously chosen not to go on air to discuss these matters for two reasons:

First,  internal Pacifica management decisions are precisely that - internal. We have made decisions that reflect the best management practices for the organization. regardless of their popularity. As a nonprofit organization. we have a responsibility to our supporters to run the organization in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible in accordance with our strategic plan, while striving to achieve our mission.

Second, internal Pacifica issues and management decisions are not news. It is not appropriate for any media outlet, including KPFA to use airtime to voice internal grievances, nor should a parent organization, such as Pacifica use airtime to counter such grievances.

This is not the purpose of community radio.

Our journalists have a responsibility to report the news, not create it. They also have a responsibility to detach themselves and provide objectivity when making a determination as to what is and what is NOT news.

KPFA has made two erroneous news reports in recent months, both regarding Pacifica staff. On Wednesday night's 6 o'clock news, KPFA reported the firing of station manager Nicole Sawaya. Let me make it perfectly clear that Nicole Swaya was NOT fired. Her contract expired on March 31st and we made a decision not to renew it.

I want to emphasize that neither KPFA or any other Pacifica station is for sale, nor do we have any intention of considering such measures.

The second incorrect report was regarding Larry Bensky, host of Sunday Salon. Again, KPFA reported the firing of Mr. Bensky late last year. Larry Bensky was not fired, nor did public outcry result in his new weekly show Sunday Salon.The legalities surrounding personnel issues and their confidentiality make it impossible for me to share the
particulars of either situation with you.

Finally, I am sad to report that someone performed an act of violence against the Pacifica national office Wednesday night. Gunshots were fired into our office, causing serious destruction of our property as well as disruption of out operations. It is an understatement to say that we are grateful that no one was injured.
The very name of our organization is derived from the word "Pacificist",  and I simply can't understand how anyone could perpetrate an act of violence, especially against an organization whose mission is to achieve peace and tolerance among all people, a mission we continue to work towards.

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