Below is the open letter from the WBAI Union to Pacifica Management about its action against Dan Coughlin.

UE Local 404 letterhead

Open Letter to Pacifica Management

November 11, 1999

We protest the firing, cynically called by Pacifica Management a “reassignment,” of Dan Coughlin from his job as Bureau Chief of the Pacifica Network News. It is obvious to everyone that Pacifica Management's action against Mr. Coughlin came as a result of his factual, 20 second report that 16 Pacifica affiliates were boycotting Pacifica for one day in protest of Management's previous anti-labor, anti-free speech and anti-democratic actions.

Pacifica Management's censorship of a reporter and the news is a stain upon the reputation of the Pacifica Foundation.

And there is also the question of where is the voice of long term reporter/anchor Verna Avery Brown?

We demand that Mr. Coughlin be reinstated and that Pacifica Management stop interfering in the journalistic mission of all reporters within the Pacifica Foundation.

                                     In Solidarity With Pacifica Staff

R. Paul Martin
Chief Steward
WBAI/UE Local 404

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