This is the WBAI/UE Local 404 Letter of Support for Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!

UE Local 404 letterhead

October 25, 2000

Statement of Support

WBAI/UE Local 404 supports Amy Goodman and the Staff of Democracy Now! in their struggle to maintain fair working conditions within the Pacifica Foundation, and to maintain the integrity of their programming in the face of threats, strictures and unfair treatment by elements of Pacifica Management.

We call upon the Pacifica National Board to stop these attacks on Democracy Now! and to end their attempts to co-opt the entire Pacifica Network into something that will not upset those in power.

The Pacifica Network has a long and fine tradition of covering topics and events that the corporate media fear to mention. We demand that the Pacifica National Board cease their attempts to end that tradition.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — In Solidarity

R. Paul Martin
Chief Steward
WBAI/UE Local 404

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