The new law firm that Pacifica Management has hired has also had the following clients: Senator Joseph McCarthy, disgraced ex-President Richard M. Nixon, Leona Helmsley, attempted assassin John Hinckley and Oliver North.

It is also speculated that this firm will renew Pacifica Management's attacks on listener Web sites.

Subject: EBG Fired, Bigger Legal Sharks Hired
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 14:15:36 -0400
From: "Lyn Gerry" <>

Last Friday, Epstein, Becker and Green attorney Daly Temchine was surprised to receive a letter from Bessie Wash informing him that he was fired as counsel for “The Pacifica Foundation.” Rappoport, the other attorney on the case was also cut loose.

“The Pacifica Foundation” has now hired the firm of Williams and Connelly which represented Clinton in his impeachment proceddings, as well as represented FOX TV against reporters sueing that network over their firing for refusing to falsify a story on the dangers of recombinant bovine growth hormone under pressure from major adverstiser Monsanto which holds the patent on it.

What does this mean? No one knows yet, but the obvious question is how much does this firm cost, and where is the money coming from to pay them. (Below some details on the lawyers). Some estimates are that it could cost anywhere from 50-100K just for the new lawyers to come up to speed on the lawsuits now in progress.

Teaming up with Williams and Connelly is the high-priced PR firm Westhill Partners, which interestingly represented Monica Lewinsky. Westhill is equally unsavory. Their founder (now deceased) John Scanlon, headed the Tobacco Industry's Campaign to discredit the whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand, whose story was depicted in the recent film “The Insider.” Westhill is acknowledged as a top PR firm in “crisis management” in other words, dealing with clients involved in high profile scandals.

The axing of EBG may also indicate tension between PNB hijackers Murdock and Ford. Ford, acting with the circumspection that has made him famous (you know I'm kidding, right?) recently sent board members a notice of meeting to “elect” additional members to the board. He was slapped down by Murdock, who sent a memo revoking Ford's notice on advice of counsel; the Ford memo was in violation of the legally binding stipulation agreed on as part of the lawsuits. This same stipulation was the basis for the quashing of the hijacker's recent attempt to call a meeting to pack the board.


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