Dan Siegel Faction Begins Dismantling Pacifica

Dan Siegal got his faction a majority on the PNB in January, and they're going after their goals of destroying Pacifica, and WBAI. This crowd is allied with the so-called Justice and Unity Campaign here in New York. They have now fired the Executive Director of Pacifica, and thrown the National Office into chaos. Some of them are too stupid to understand what that means, but some are acting out their very destructive agendas.

Subject: Just When We Thought Pacifica Might Be Getting Out From Under
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 21:24:09 -0700
From: Tracy Rosenberg
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

To bookend today's announcement that the huge challenge of meeting the $250,000 severance pay need at WBAI, the Pacifica National Board just terminated the executive director, thus encumbering the struggling network with a new $315,000 obligation to buy out a 3-year employment contract signed just a little while ago.

According to reports, the board took this action without general counsel present or any human resources-trained staff or advisors, having tabled a motion requesting such advice be present only moments before.

Given the financial pressures on the organization (exacerbated by 3 of the 5 stations recently missing fund drive goals, all but KPFK and WBAI), it seems likely the board's action will result in the forced sale of one or more real estate assets,

This latest return to the days of constant lawsuits draining the foundation due to reckless behavior by boards will not be welcome news to many.

The motion was made by Dan Siegel's employee Jose Luis Fuentes, who joined the Pacifica National Board less than six weeks ago. He is not believed to have had more than one conversation with the executive director prior to February 10th.

The foundation remains under CPB audit status and the latest turmoil is likely to further delay over a million dollars in funding to the stations that is being held for governance errors by the board of directors.

Best to all,

Your outgoing treasurer,


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