Protest Called at Fineman office -  Noon Everyday!
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Pacifica Board Hires High-Power PR Firm Fineman and Associates

Fineman and Associates was hired by the Pacifica Directors as of 7/23/99, the third in a series of PR flacks.  Fineman is a top firm in the field of spin control, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of the subscribers' money could be diverted to yet another effort by Pacifica's malfeasant directors to conceal the facts of their actions. For a bit of history on how "free speech radio" came to need spin doctors, check out the "cheat sheet"  work product of the first Pacifca PR flack, Burt Glass.

Send a letter to Mr. Fineman and tell him what you think about his efforts to sanitize the destruction of community radio at Pacifica.  Dear Mr. Fineman...
Noontime demonstrations have been called in front of the offices of Fineman and Associates at 
71 Stevenson Street, Suite 1430
San Francisco
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KPFA Supporter Mark Hernandez reports: What does Fineman cost?

Consulting with someone in the advertising side who is familiar with the Fineman agency, he 'ballparked' their services as being in the range of about $250,000 for a catastrophe such as Pacifica's actions.

Their billing is roughly $250/hour, plus 'retainer/contingency', which I believe is for buying advertising time/space to 'get the message out'.

My contact does not know what their "retainer/contingency" price is by itself, but it is likely based on how 'bad' Fineman assesses the level of PR damage is, and what is going to be required to solve it.

Is anyone on the Pacifica Board able to confirm or deny that an amount in excess of $100,000 is being spent on the Fineman agency?

Is anyone on the Pacifica Board able to confirm or deny that an amount in excess of $100,000 was allocated with Board approval to pay the Fineman agency?

Is anyone on the Pacifica Board willing to admit knowledge of such an expenditure being made with their consent and, if so, where there is a record of such an approval in the Pacifica Foundation records?

About Fineman 

   Strategic Marketing Counsel
   Media Relations/Product Publicity
   Reputation Management
   Crisis Management
   Special Events/Trade Shows
   Community Relations
   Employee Relations

Fineman publishes a yearly list of top 10 PR blunders. Here's 1998

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