The judge has issued what's called a “minute order.” If you want to see the order itself, CLICK HERE FOR AN IMAGE it's a 133 KB file.

Below is an E-mail from one of the people working on the motions.

Subject: [NewPacifica] Judge Sabraw's Rulings on Resolutions
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 22:55:44 -0800
From: "Gregory Wonderwheel" <>
To: ... "New Pacifica" <>

Finally got the rulings. The judge issued a minute order.

WBAI resolution: AFFIRMED
End the gag rule resolution: AFFIRMED
Termination of litigation counsel: REJECTED

There was no reasoning in the minute order. The judge may, but probably won't, elaborate on his reasoning when the orders are published.

My commentary: At this time (consciously or in dreams) the many brains are considering what the ruling on the litigation counsel resolution means. I suspect that since the litigation has not been terminated yet, because all parties haven't submitted their final signature documents to the judge, that the judge doesn't want to terminate the litigation counsel.

A possible option is to secure the judge's signature on the final settlement agreement, after all the signature documents are submitted, and then revote on the resolution. Also, a “litigation committee” can be created by the IPNB to direct (and thus limit) the Pacifica Foundation attorneys in the winding up of the litigation, rather than just firing them.

Next for the WBAI Issues Committee is to find out who the fourth IPNB Director member will be and who the “up to five” WBAI LAB members are going to be. Then the committee can meet, elect a chair, and develop its protocol and procedures for investigating and recommending corrective action to the board on the range of items that define the present crisis at the station.

Gregory Wonderwheel

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