The information in this E-mail is significant because it shows that David Salniker, former Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation, doesn't want to be a party to the latest Pacifica Management actions.

Subject: KPFA Birthday Committee Suspends Action
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 23:02:41 -0700
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <>

The following statement was read on the KPFA news tonight, followed by an interview with committee member Alice Hamburg, who knew station founder Lewis Hill and was one of the original listener sponsors. Other members of the 12 person committee include former KPFA General Manager David Salniker, John Harrington, a founder of Working Assets, labor lawyer Victor Honig, Hannah Krantzberg, Tomas Moran, long-time programmer Robbie Osman, LaVarn Williams, and station events producer. Bob Baldock. The statement:

“The KPFA 50th anniversary committee has decided unanimously to temporarily suspend our activities due to the ongoing crisis within Pacifica triggered but not limited to the precipitous termination of General Manager Nicole Sawaya. To have provoked predictable turmoil within the KPFA community on the eve of launching the 50th anniversary capital campaign has made it impossible for us to carry on. This action can only have a concomitant ripple effect on the larger Pacifica community and alienate our base of support.”

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