scheduled to run from January 17th, to February 5th, 2005. There is also a new 800 number pledge line which will take calls 24/7. Producers are asked to pitch this 800 number on every program.

All producers were asked to review the pre- recorded material they'll play on the air to make sure that it doesn't contain anything that will violate the F.C.C. “indecency” rules. It was reported that a listener claimed he'd complained to the F.C.C. about a producer playing a CD which contained a certain four letter word. Current fines for “indecency” are $27,500 per incident. Note: Next year the new “Broadcast Indecency Act” will probably pass and the fines to the radio station will be six figures, maybe as high as $500,000 per incident, and the individual producer may face a hefty personal fine as well.

This was the second Staff meeting in a row where there was bullying and intimidation used on Staff who are not favored by Management. One person known around the station for being nasty was allowed to verbally attack a department head over the indecency incident, and the department head had had nothing to do with it! The department head was driven out of the meeting in tears.

General Manager Don Rojas announced that he was extending the date of his resignation from the end of 2004, to March 31, 2005.

Local Station Board Meeting
November 30, 2004

This was the last meeting of the first WBAI LSB.

Minutes of previous meetings were approved, including those from an executive session held on March 4, 2004. The veil of secrecy was lifted from that executive session, which had been about the Riverside 9/11 event in 2003, where the cash receipts had been taken by Management personnel and given to a friend who didn't return the money to WBAI until 8 months later, after the LSB had started asking questions about the incident.

Motions were passed regarding the transition period until a new, permanent General Manager is hired. These motions called for transparency, the honoring of fair hiring practices, and a moratorium on permanent hires until a new General Manager is hired. A motion also called for all Union contracts negotiated to be approved by the PNB. These

motions passed, and a member of the faction currently in charge gave notice that he would move to rescind all of them at the next LSB meeting.

During this meeting one inveterate disrupter brought the meeting to a halt. He was removed from the room. A first!

The ad hoc committee of listener LSB members which was meeting with AFTRA and USOC reported that after more meetings a compromise formula for a General Manager Search Sub- committee (GMSS) of 6 listeners and 6 Staff had been found to be agreeable. A motion was passed setting up a GMSS comprised of 2 Paid Staff, 2 Unpaid Staff, 2 Staff who are LSB members and 6 listener LSB members. The faction gave notice of a motion to rescind this GMSS at the next meeting.

A motion regarding the decorum of LSB members was passed. The faction gave notice of rescinding that as well.

WBAI Ballot Counting
December 1, 2004

I'd like to thank every Staff person who voted for me. I was re-elected to a 3 year term on the LSB.

The faction currently in charge, having inflated the Staff voting list by one third in 8 months, used Wake Up Call to attack LSB incumbents, slandered everyone else as being racist and enjoyed favored treatment from a very biased National Elections Supervisor was able to get enough votes to gain an absolute majority on the incoming LSB. Now more than ever we're going to need to resist their destructive agenda which could destroy WBAI.

Also on December 1, Gary Null was permanently removed from the air on WBAI. Management issued a public statement about it which sounds a lot less hostile than some other statements they've made about this firing. Who's next?

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