supposed to be a deliberative assembly, not a herd of sheep being moved around by a shepherd.

The faction currently in charge then voted to make an Ad Hoc LSB Radio Report Committee. When someone tried to move to reconsider this motion, which is allowed, the Chair ruled it out of order because the meeting was out of time.

Before this meeting Luanne Pennesi resigned and was replaced on the LSB by a runner-up.

This meeting featured all the Gemütlichkeit of the WBAI LSB crammed into an even smaller space than usual. The first 45 minutes were spent in exec utive session.

The Chair declared the she wasn't allowing the reconsideration motion that was left over from the previous meeting. Sounds like a small thing, but it's indicative of a flagrant bias by the Chair. The rest of the faction backed this violation.

The Chair also announced that she'd made a mistake at the last meeting and that the motion to allow roll call votes if one fifth of the LSB agreed had not in fact passed. During the public comment session one person said he wondered if some people weren't just trying to keep their voting records secret.

Approval of all outstanding minutes was again postponed.

AFTRA's deadline to approve the composition of the GMSS was extended again, to March 1.

During this meeting the Chair interfered with people speaking freely on motions. When one LSB member said that the faction was disenfranchising the listeners who voted for them the Chair ruled that this was prohibited speech. But the Chair allowed fellow faction members to denigrate other individuals and groups. There was some chaos around this issue.

A motion was passed to recommend to the Exec utive Director (ED) that an interim General Manager Search Committee made up of 6 Staff and 5 listener LSB members be created to advise the ED regarding candidates for that job.

During debate on this motion an amendment was made by a faction member to substitute some language in the motion. When I asked the Chair why this motion was allowed when the same sort of

amendment made by someone not in the faction was ruled out of order at a previous meeting the Chair said that she'd made a mistake at that previous meeting. Of course this means that the faction's majority on the LSB had endorsed that mistake.

The motion which was passed last year asking that the General Manager not make permanent hires before leaving was rescinded. The faction is now free to hire themselves for all sorts of jobs at the station whether there's money to pay or not.

This meeting never did get to the agenda item about a safe working environment at WBAI, another victory for the faction currently in charge.

LSB Finance Committee Meeting
February 23, 2005

At this meeting we heard that the 800# for taking pledges that WBAI used in 2004, cost too much and was ineffective. After this meeting was over I asked the Treasurer if the figure he supplied of $172,545 cash in the bank on December 31, 2004, was what WBAI and Pacifica Management had projected to be $300,000. He said yes, it was. This was another example of an optimistic prediction that proved to be way off.

PNB Finance Committee Meetings
February 4, 18 & March 4

Pacifica and local Managers have not been giving the PNB the financial information it needs. They're not even giving the PNB the information that's very easy to provide.

There was supposed to be a “WBAI Recovery Plan” presented by the CFO, that hasn't happened. Also, the November 15, review of WBAI's budget hasn't happened yet.

It was revealed that an unbudgeted $15,000 was spent on bonuses for GMs at the end of 2004, at the same time that layoffs of Staff were being discussed.

It has been discovered that the budget that the CFO is comparing spending to is not the budget passed by the PNB! Some PNB Directors have expressed alarm at this.

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