The LSB met in the Bronx for the first time. The meeting started 39 minutes late, and then almost another half hour was spent by the faction trying to get the member “suspended” at the last meeting to not sit at the table. He said that on advice of counsel he was going to take his seat and vote. The faction gave up and let him sit there.

A motion to rescind the “suspension” of that member failed to get a majority by one vote.

And then someone brought a motion to censure a faction member for actions taken during the March 1, LSB Show. The Chair ruled against my point of order that disciplinary actions needed to be done in executive session. The motion was postponed.

During the public comment session one faction operative who did not get elected to the LSB made snide remarks about one LSB member's weight. Later on when the “suspended” member got up to speak the Chair did not stop other faction operatives from yelling at him and disrupting the meeting, one LSB faction member tried to prevent him from speaking. Interesting sense of fairness the faction has.

This was not a regular LSB meeting. The four officers of the LSB called it to address “urgent items.” But all the faction wanted to do was to elect listener delegates to the interim General Manager Search Committee and the General Manager Search Sub-committee. It was hardly urgent. The faction currently in charge had prevented these committees from being set up for 9 months, sud denly it's urgent? Perhaps they just needed to get the patronage barrel rolling.

During this meeting one faction member asked another LSB member, “Did you just call me a little snot?” out of the blue. The answer was “No,” but given recent LSB events one has to wonder if this is part of a setup for the next purge.

After 3 consecutive unexcused absences one loses LSB membership. On March 9, the Chair had ruled that the “suspended” member had to be excused, which would allow the majority faction

to vote against excusing him and so remove him. At this meeting the Chair reversed her ruling. The fact that this was actually a purge would have been too difficult for the faction to deny otherwise.

The members for these General Manager search groups were elected, and of course the faction dom inates. I'm sure that the faction currently in charge will install a General Manager who will insure that embezzlement, theft of station equipment and vio lence against Staff will be dealt with exactly as they have been for the past two years.

The LSB voted to create a Bylaws Review Com mittee for the Pacifica Bylaws Convention which will be held in 2006. This committee allows for a minority report. Given that the faction currently in charge completely prevented the legal Bylaws Committee from reporting to the iPNB in 2003, and instead disrupted the iPNB meetings in order to push their anti-democratic structure for Pacifica which would keep the faction permanently in charge, I have to wonder if they'll really allow a minority report. It'd be good if they did.

PNB Finance Committee Meetings
March 11, 21 & 28

It was revealed that the Executive Director (ED), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and General Managers for the 5 Pacifica radio stations announced that they “disavow” and “dissociate” themselves from the PNB resolutions that require them to provide the PNB with information necessary to the performance of the PNB's fiduciary duties. This is an interesting position for Managers to take. The issue may get worked out though.

The CFO has said the expenses could catch up with Pacifica next year, and that he's “nervous” about next year.

Pacifica National Board Meeting
April 1, 2005

As we finish this newsletter ED Dan Coughlin has announced that he is quitting Pacifica soon because his wife is pregnant with twins.

three radios

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