A vague motion was brought with the potential to spread an unstated amount of patronage money around. I said that I wouldn't vote to give anyone a blank check. The Treasurer said he wanted to see a number on it too. An estimated funding amount was requested for the next meeting.

A motion was brought regarding workplace safety. It asked the iGM to report to the LSB on WBAI and Pacifica's procedures for responding to complaints about assaults and “inappropriate conduct.”

On the night of June 10th, a female Staff member was shoved into a wall, choked and punched by a man who had taken up residence in “Common Producers' Alcove #2.” When the police showed up, he called them, he told them that the alcove and computer in it were his property! It turns out this guy was another of the faction's “consultants.” He's one of the unstable and violent people that the faction currently in charge at WBAI keeps around in order to create an atmosphere of intimidation to keep non-faction Staff in line.

However, iGM Indra Hardat's response was swift and forthright. The assailant has been permanently banned from WBAI.

This is a big improvement over her predecessor's actions. Under GM Don Rojas WBAI had more violent incidents than under any other GM! Brava to Indra for standing up for Staff safety!

Pacifica National Board Meeting
June 17-19, 2005

WBAI's financial situation was a major topic at this meeting. WBAI iGM Indra Hardat couldn't attend but sent a statement She acknowledged that the Spring ‘thon had failed, the final tally of around $688,000 being a lot less than the $1.1 million goal. She said, “It is obvious that our current on-air fundraising plan is not a rational one.” A refreshing grasp of reality in contrast to the previous GM's rosy pitch on everything.

There haven't been minutes for PNB meetings since last year. This is a serious problem. Many PNB members don't even know what they've done.

Fred Kuhn's Memorial

Fred's memorial was held at St. Mark's in the Bowery on the evening of June 22. Many Staff and listeners attended and spoke of how wonderful a person Fred was. Among the eulogists was a professional masked wrestler! Many good things were said. The eulogies of Simon Loekle, Sidney Smith and Spyder stand out. New Staff mixed with old Staff and former Staff and Fred was remembered well.

Local Station Board Meeting
June 25, 2005

We met in Teaneck, NJ on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The meeting started 48 minutes late.

This meeting was supposed to be a reaching out to New Jersey listeners. There were maybe 5 New Jersey residents there, some of whom come to the Manhattan meetings. The rest of the public attendees, 15 to 20 of them, were people who frequently show up at these meetings anyway, even constant on-air caller Monroe was there!

The Bylaws Review Committee brought some motions asking Pacifica to hold local bylaws mini- conventions before the national bylaws conventions next year. Each station is already being assessed $15,000 to $20,000 for the conventions; will mini- conventions will add more cost? There was also a proposal for changing the schedule of elections. I've been pointing out that the time frame for this is dicey due to the way bylaws changes that affect terms must be made in Pacifica.

The Treasurer went over the financial report for the second quarter. He said that WBAI's surplus was about $28,000 lower than projected. There was a discussion of the effects of the lessening or cutting off of CPB funds.

One LSB committee is going to work with Staff on off-air fund raising and wants WBAI to sponsor a film viewing.

There was another flap over an LSB member taking photographs at this public meeting. This time the chair didn't even want LSB members' photographs taken. Nothing was said when faction members took photographs. I suggested we form a committee to nail down what the law says on this

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