to be approved, arguably the most important LSB meeting of the year. But most of the LSB members beholden to the faction currently in charge didn't show up! It took an hour and fourteen minutes to get a quorum so we could start the meeting.

Some details of layoffs were discussed in this meeting, which included public comment on the budget. An interesting aspect of this meeting was that the faction currently in charge was outnumbered at it. So when one of them made a totally unnecessary motion to amend the budget to change the funding for Development, already contingent on the money being raised off-air, it failed. The Treasurer's amendment to request a waiver of the one month reserve was passed, as was the budget itself. The faction's leader then gave notice that he'd move to rescind the budget at the next LSB meeting. So much for caring about the station's budget.

There then followed attempts by the faction to end the meeting before any new business might come up. But some motions regarding a purged producer and other issues were made. The Chair then did everything she could to delay consideration and foul up the meeting, resulting in a motion to censure the Chair. And then at 9:33 a building worker was called in to tell us all that we had to leave the building at 9:30. We've stayed past 9:30 any number of times. The Chair declared the meeting adjourned after more motions to adjourn failed.

Local Station Board Meeting
September 7, 2005

This one started only 47 minutes late. The motion to censure the Chair for her unfair and improper disruption of the previous meeting was voted down by the faction, which showed up for this meeting.

During public comment one faction sycophant, a listener, was still defending that Hufschmid guy; guess he didn't get the word to shut up about that.

It was a contentious meeting at times and we were asked to quiet down during some of the worst parts of it.

At a PNB teleconference meeting held earlier a motion that would have required LSB budgets to go to the PNB for a vote without being modified by the CFO failed. From the WBAI LSB Patty Heffley voted for this motion bolstering local control, Ray LaForest and Michael Warren voted against it and

Bob Lederer abstained. The Treasurer brought a motion to this LSB meeting that would, among other things, identify any changes made to our budget by the CFO when it's submitted to the PNB. This motion passed.

The LSB then voted to rescind the budget passed at the previous meeting. After this the meaningless amendment from the previous meeting was added and the amended budget was passed. The PNB Finance Committee later reversed this.

The faction passed a motion setting up monthly LSB reports that will favor the faction currently in charge in every way possible including putting non-LSB members in the LSB Reports. The faction wants the two hour LSB reports to be “rebroadcast, without interruption, within one week, for a nighttime audience.” The last time I was on one of these things I wasn't told I was on it until about two hours before air time.

The LSB then voted on a proposed bylaws amendment that completely violated the principles set forth in the motion creating the bylaws working group. It ended up not mattering, however, because the September PNB meeting was rained out by Hurricane Rita and the next PNB meeting will be held October 28-30, so no bylaws changes passed at it will have time to be ratified because the bylaws require such changes to be ratified in the same calendar month as the PNB meeting.

PNB Finance Committee Meetings
July - October 2005

These teleconference meetings have become bizarre, the CFO, who says that LSBs do not have the right to approve their stations' budgets, has refused to attend the latest one. The committee is meeting pretty much weekly and some of the meetings are lasting for up to nine hours! It turns out that WBAI is in serious financial trouble, KPFK is the only Pacifica station in good shape and the CFO is changing the rules regarding the one month reserve from week to week.

In the good news department the CPB is giving WBAI $27,700 more than we'd anticipated. So some of that goes to FSRN and over $20,000 will go towards Development, with more to be raised locally.

three radios

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