although the Spring ‘05 ‘thon was missing from these. The Fall 2005 pledge total was down by about 9% from the Fall 2004 pledge total. When we looked at off-air fund raiser income it was noted that we tend to exert a lot of labor for a small return.

Michael T. Warren had suddenly resigned from the PNB; this Delegates' meeting was called to replace him. Lisa V. Davis was elected. The transit strike was on so this meeting started almost an hour and a half late. This meeting passed a motion endorsing the strike.

Everyone remained seated and the meeting became the LSB meeting. This meeting passed the same motion we'd passed earlier endorsing the strike. The following faction members were elected as the officers of the WBAI LSB for 2006:

Chair . Vajra Kilgour
Vice-Chair . Omowale Clay
Secretary . Berta Silva
Treasurer . Baruti Bediako

The Treasurer reported that the CFO had not gotten the WBAI FY06 budget to him yet.

The faction voted to have an on-air LSB report that would consist of faction members only. There are still LSB members who have never gotten on one of these reports, while some faction members have been on often.

The Management Evaluation Committee reported on the Staff survey to evaluate the PD. This time Shawn Rhodes had been allowed to observe and he said that the surveys remained confidential. There were 33 valid surveys returned. LSB members will be allowed to read the narratives some Staff wrote on their surveys.

The LSB voted to hold a Town Hall meeting on February 25.

This one started 44 minutes late because the faction didn't show up for 40 minutes, and then they

all showed up. The following will go to the PNB:
. Staff:
Ray LaForest . Bob Lederer
Patty Heffley . .
Lisa V. Davis . .

And so the LSB meeting started an hour late. There was a dispute over the “suspended” member.

The LSB passed a motion asking for a computer, phone and copy machine code for the LSB. That last part I put in because the LSB is always using Staff codes for its photocopies.

The General Manager Search Sub-committee meets January 26. Turns out that the non-faction member on it was not consulted at all about when to meet. The faction operative in charge of polling members said that she had that member's phone number and had fully intended to call him. Well, of course that makes it okay.

Carolyn Birden, Chair of the PNB Elections Committee had to fight to get her report put on the agenda. Her committee is looking into the problem of the rigged Staff elections at WBAI. No wonder the faction didn't want it on the agenda.

The LSB passed a motion directing that the audio from the PD's August 21, 2005, “Substitute Report to the Listener,” which aired in the Wake Up Call slot, be sent to the Pacifica Human Resources Director who's supposed to determine if the PD's name calling endangered the Pacifica Foundation.

PNB Finance Committee Meetings

The CFO reported on WBAI's deficit. He said, “That's not good news,” and “Come May/June I will have some difficult decisions to make.” He also reported that WBAI's Arbitron CUME for Fall ‘05 was 188,000, which is down.

In other Pacifica news the KPFA LSB has voted to fire KPFA'S GM Roy Campanella Jr.
The next PNB meeting is January 27-29, 2006.
The WBAI Winter ‘thon has been rescheduled, it will go from February 8, to February 28, 2006.

three radios

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