This is the Open Letter to Pacifica Management from WBAI/UE Local 404

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Open Letter to Pacifica Management

July 19, 1999

The Staff of WBAI is appalled at the anti-labor tactics of the Management of the Pacifica Foundation in locking out the Staff of KPFA from their workplace.

The assault on KPFA Staff by Management's armed goon squad will never be forgotten and is a crime against labor, against KPFA, against the community KPFA serves and against the rest of the Pacifica Foundation.

If these tactics had been perpetrated by the owners of a coal mine, a factory, a sweatshop or by any corporate board they would have been reported and condemned at every Pacifica station. That they were perpetrated by the Executive Director in the name of the Governing Board of the Pacifica Foundation does not exempt them from condemnation.

We demand that the lockout of KPFA Staff end immediately, that all scabs and armed goons be removed from KPFA's premises and that all fired Staff be immediately reinstated. We demand an end to the "gag rule" which Pacifica Management has used to prevent reporting on these issues. We demand an end to the censoring of news programming and of Democracy Now! on Pacifica stations.

Pacifica Management is destroying KPFA, destroying Pacifica and destroying the good will earned by the labor of Pacifica broadcasters over the past half century. All Union busting and anti-labor tactics must cease.

The Staff of WBAI supports the Staff and listeners of KPFA in their efforts to reverse the great harm that Pacifica Management has done to them and to the rest of us.

                                     In Solidarity With the Staff of KPFA

R. Paul Martin
Chief Steward
WBAI/UE Local 404

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