Here is an E-mail about the new Public Relations firm Pacifica has hired, with a link to the firm's Web page. Included at the end is this firm's first effort at twisting the truth.

Subject: {FP} Pacifica Brass Hire another expensive PR firm to tell lies with your money
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 18:49:18 -0400


The Pacifica Foundation has hired an expensive PR firm Levick Strategic Communications to turn reality on its head. This is an even bigger firm than Fineman Associates which was used for a brief period during the KPFA lock-out.

Here is Levick's description of their activities, from their website

“Law firms need media relations professionals who understand the media in their hometown as well as in every other region they represent. Levick Strategic Communications has a finger on the global pulse, with an established presence in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. We place stories in broadcast and print media outlets worldwide and make contact with journalists in major media every day. In fact, by the time you finish reading this, we will have placed another story in the news.

“Our clients are the world's leading law firms, firms positioning to be global players by penetrating new markets and opening international offices. Our clients want to be the “go to” firm in an industry or practice area, and they know that branding can help achieve that goal. Our clients aggressively leverage media to attract business, increase market share, and raise profits. Above all, our clients respect our expertise in strategic communications and recognize the importance of the media in business development.”

Below is some of their work product.

Please contact Brian Levitt and let him know what you think of his PR activities, since it is your money that is paying for his hefty bill. Also, Levick's and thier surrounding area should be informed that they are using the funds donated by listener sponsors for improper purposes.

Please withhold any payments or pledges until Levick and Associates has been shown the door. Instead, contribute to the Siegel and Yee suit. They have told such outrageous lies about it that they must be getting plenty worried, especially since discovery will definitely reveal incriminating activities by Pacifica officials

Contributions for the lawsuit can be sent to

save pacifica trust account
499 14th Street, Suite 220
Oakland, CA 94612

Forwarded message:

Pacifica Wins Battle in 'War' to Control Radio Network -- Radio Icon Remains Loyal to Historic Purpose to Provide Quality Programming

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 21, 2000 via NewsEdge Corporation - Fresh from its victory in the Superior Court of California, Alameda County last month, the Pacifica Foundation is continuing to battle those who illegitimately seek to wrest control of the over 50-year old, non-profit radio network.

Pacifica has been engaged in an 18-month effort to defend its five-station network as a political and philosophical alternative to mainstream media.

A group of individuals who joined Pacifica's local advisory boards (LABs) failed in their attempt to obtain a court injunction reversing recent changes in Pacifica's corporate bylaws. Those changes clarify that, while LABs may recommend individuals to serve on Pacifica's National Board, it is the Board - not the LABs - that have the final responsibility for electing Board members.

The dissident LAB members want to control Pacifica's programming and business decisions because they are disenchanted with the National Board's initiative to appeal to a broader audience (including the burgeoning Hispanic, Asian, and African-American communities) and to increase listeners.

Pacifica contends that the LAB members, if successful, would splinter Pacifica into a group of isolated stations and diminish its critical role as a nationally relevant alternative voice.

The court was not persuaded by the LAB members pleas' for an immediate injunction. Accusations that Pacifica violated California corporation law and its own bylaws were rejected. Judge James Richman stated that the plaintiffs have not as yet demonstrated that they are likely to prove that their claims have any merit.

Bessie Wash, Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation, said: “It is sad that individuals who once seemed to understand the need for Pacifica to effectively address national and international issues from alternative perspectives, are now trying to tear it apart. They seem to have an agenda to maximize only their own parochial interests and power. Pacifica Foundation has no choice but to defend itself when it is harassed by meritless litigation and personal attacks on Pacifica Board members and employees. This campaign of harassment has more to do, however, with personal aggrandizement than any concern for Pacifica's survival and growth as a vibrant and effective national voice.”

According to David Acosta, Chair-elect of the Board at Pacifica, “the Foundation must continue to move forward and stay focused, looking at the big picture. The shift toward national programming is a powerful way for Pacifica to move into the 21st century while preserving the local flavor and attention to local issues its audience values.”

“The vision for Pacifica,” added Ms. Wash “is to make available to all stations, high quality, socially relevant national programming that reflects our core values and complements local schedules.”

“The station in New York is different from the station in Washington, D.C., which is different from stations in Houston, Los Angeles, or Berkeley. Those differences are valuable, yet they are all distinctly identifiable Pacifica stations because of their common bonds,” said Ms. Wash.

Pacifica Foundation is the non-profit parent of Pacifica Radio Network, comprised of KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WBAI &38; WPFW in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Washington DC, respectively, with nearly 60 affiliates in 27 states. The Foundation was founded in 1946 as the world's first listener- sponsored radio.

CONTACT: Pacifica Foundation | Angela Jones, 202/588-0999, ext. 352 | by | Levick Strategic Communications | Brian Levitt, 732/761-1156
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