Shedding Light:
A Primer offered by the Free Pacifica movement to help save free radio in America
This booklet was designed and edited 
John Sommers in Los Angeles.

Thanks John!

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This 40 page Do-It-Yourself pamphlet was designed for informational tabling, to try to provide a context for the current situation, especially for those who don't have access to the Internet. 

We have provided the primer in PDF format, so that people may download  and print the pages and then make a  two-sided master.  Then, pages get copied on 8 x 11 paper, folded and stapled.  The result is a  40 page,  5 x 8 booklet. Twenty-one pieces of paper are required for each booklet - at a rough cost of between one to two dollars per copy (if you have to go to a copy shop to do it).  The cover is provided in a separate file, and may be printed on heavier and/or colored paper.


Shedding Light contains several in depth articles:

  • The Neutering of Pacifica from the Jan 16, 1999 edition of Counterpunch
  • Pacifica Board Caves to CPB Threats - Counterpunch, March 10, 1999
  • The Letter to Pacifica from Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman and Howard Zinn
  • An organizational chart showing the recent growth of Pacifica Management bureaucracy, from Larry Bensky's presentation at the Feb. 28, 1999 Pacifica National Board meeting 
  • Al Stein's report to the Pacifica Board on the true state of the Pacifica Tape  Archives - he was fired for attempting to make this public - Feb,. 1999
  • Report of Paciifca's hiring of the union-busters, the American Consulting Group, May 1996, by Lyn Gerry, former KPFK Shop Steward
  • Statement of R. Paul Martin, WBAI Chief Steward, before the Pacifica National Board, June 1998
  • KPFK Programmers Ordered to Mainsteam Content - by Lyn Gerry, published in Change Links, June 1998 (unabridged version)
  • Free Radio is Dead, Long Live Free Radio - By John Whiting from Radical Poetics, Dec. 1995