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Wednesday, February 24, 1999, Noon to 2:00 PM

Protest the Pacifica National Board's motion to change their bylaws to make them the permanent, exclusive, self perpetuating owners of the Pacifica Foundation, which owns WBAI. This bylaws change would remove any possibility of Local Advisory Boards, Staff and listeners having any way of influencing the Pacifica Foundation.

One of the dangers of an insulated National Board with permanent members is that they could sell WBAI, for which Pacifica was offered $90,000,000 in 1996, and make personal profits from the sale. Such a scenario was played out some years ago when the Board of KRAB in Seattle, WA formed "The Jack Straw Foundation" and sold KRAB's frequency. Members of "The Jack Straw Foundation" and their friends made serious amounts of money from brokering the sale of KRAB. This money went into the pockets of the KRAB Board members! KRAB itself ended up with relatively little of the proceeds of the sale and after a long period of silence was only leasing a few hours of air time a day on a college radio station that no longer even reached inner Seattle.

It could happen here if the Pacifica National Board votes to change its bylaws.

Pacifica didn't publish the transcript of its October meeting for 5 months because they didn't want anyone to know they'd put this power grab on the agenda. This is the eleventh hour; publicity and protest may be the only things that will prevent them from doing it when they meet from February 26 - 28.

This Union action is called by the Shop Committee, WBAI/UE Local 404 - Your Union! For more information ask Utrice Leid, Errol Maitland, R. Paul Martin, Brother Shine, Tom Whelan or Daa'iya Lomax.

This demonstration will take place in front of WBAI's headquarters at 120 Wall St. Of course listeners and others are also welcome to come participate in this demonstration!

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