The following statement regarding violence and Pacifica Management was issued by dissident members of the Pacifica National Board.


April 2, 2001


As National Board members for the oldest listener-sponsored radio network, one created in the spirit of pacifism, we are deeply committed to non-violence.

We support the use of non-violent protest as a tool to speak truth to power, as well as a tool to bring about change.

We condemn the use of violence or physical threats in all forms -- whether carried out by the use of armed guards in any of our stations, by individuals acting alone, or by anyone trying to discredit and de-legitimized dissent. We also are confident that the growing numbers of people around the country actively working to return Pacifica to its historic mission do not engage in nor support violence or threats to anyone.

We are deeply concerned by the action of our Executive Director on March 26, 2001. By interrupting a national show and broadcasting allegations of widespread violence and threats, Ms. Wash portrays those who dissent from the actions of the Pacifica Management and of the Board majority as supporters of violence. The situation was further complicated when later that same day the Pacifica Board Chair, David Acosta, went on air with essentially the same message that Ms. Wash had broadcast earlier. These assertions fly in the face of reality. This tactic, to de-legitimize the original mission of Pacifica and its proponents, has previously been employed by Pacifica Management. It has not worked in the past and it will not work now.

As members of the Pacifica National Board, we are deeply offended by use of this tactic, and demand an apology. This practice by the executive director must stop immediately and the executive director must be accountable to the whole Board for her actions. Toward that end, we renew our urgent call for a re-convening of the full National Board to complete the business before us, including the ongoing crisis at WBAI. This meeting must include time for a comprehensive review of the incident in Houston, a review of the actions taken by Ms. Wash and discussion of concrete steps the National Board can take to address the situation.

signed by

Pete Bramson (Berekeley)
Leslie Cagan (New York City)
Rabbi Aaron Kriegel (Los Angeles)
Tomas Moran (Berkeley)
Rob Robinson (Washington, DC)

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