KPFK GM Mark Shubb Removed

We have received word from iPNB Secretary Carol Spooner that, “Former KPFK General Manager Mark Schubb was relieved from his post Friday [January 25, 2002] and placed on leave.”

Ms. Spooner further reports that, “IndyMedia activist and filmmaker Steven Starr has joined KPFK, the Los Angeles station in the five-station Pacifica Network, to lead an interim team designed to build and restore the station to its original mission.” This means that Mr. Starr is now the interin General Manager of KPFK.

Here is one IndyMedia Web page complimentary of Mr. Starr.

Here is another IndyMedia Web page with a different view of Mr. Starr.

Mr. Starr has written the following to introduce himself.

Open Letter To The Pacifica Community

My name is Steven Starr, and I've been asked to serve as the interim General Manager of KPFK. As today is my first day on the job, I'd very much like to say a few things to the various constituencies of KPFK and Pacifica.

First of all, I've been a Pacifica listener for many years, and I care deeply about the importance and significance of the Pacifica Network in our society today. It is a great privilege to do this work, and I'm grateful for the chance.

Second, I'd like to honor the incredible efforts of thousands of people who have been engaged in the struggle to restore Pacifica for so many years. Recent developments signal the promise of a great new chapter for those of us who believe in the possibilities of a truly independent and democratic media.

Third, I'd like to give respect to all those who have produced great radio at KPFK over the past few years. There are remarkable talents at the station, both on and off the air.

Fourth, and most importantly, to the listeners. This is your station. I value your input, I'm very open to constructive criticism, and my intention is to make this transitional process as participatory as possible, as transparent as possible, as reflective of your ideas as possible.

Finally, my great hope is to have my contribution reflect real progress toward revitalizing the station as a public resource for the diverse communities of Southern California.

Thank you,

Steven Starr
Interim General Manager

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