This is the letter of solidarity sent by WBAI/UE Local 404 to the Staff of KPFA

UE Local 404 letterhead

April 10, 1999

Brother & Sister Paid and Unpaid Staff at KPFA:

The Paid and Unpaid Staff at WBAI want to voice our support and solidarity with you in this time of struggle against the overbearing and unfair machinations of the Management of the Pacifica Foundation.

Management's recent actions show again their disdain for the truth and their fear of listeners and the general public finding out about their attempts to bust the Unions and oppress the Staff of the five Pacifica stations. If those who make up Pacifica Management weren't doing shameful things they wouldn't have to worry about their actions being exposed.

We look forward to coordinating your efforts with ours in the fight to restore Pacifica to its place as an institution that practices the progressive principles we so often espouse on the air.

                                     In solidarity,

R. Paul Martin
Chief Steward
WBAI/UE Local 404

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