WBAI LSB Meeting — November 19, 2004

The nineteenth WBAI Local Station Board (LSB) meeting was held on Friday, November 19, 2004, at 6:30 PM at Junior High School 8 in Jamaica, Queens. This is not an official Web page of the LSB.

WBAI Management did not provide a public address system, nor did we have any guards. The Secretary recorded what she could on a Mini-Disc again.

This meeting was held in a place that was especially difficult to get to for folks coming from Brooklyn. Exacerbating this were the directions, provided by an operative of the faction currently in charge at WBAI, which said that we had to catch the Q-85 bus to get there. Turns out that this was not the only bus that could get us there. There were a total of four buses going to the same place and none of those other three buses had people waiting for 25 minutes for them.

As a result of it being difficult to get there it took a long time for a quorum to assemble and this meeting did not start until 7:49 PM, well over an hour late. We were informed that we had to leave by 9:30 PM, later the faction operative who'd set the meeting up said we had to leave by 9:15, and later still this same faction operative changed that back to 9:30.

The Chair couldn't make this meeting and so a vote for Chair pro tem was held. I was elected by a majority vote of the LSB members to Chair this meeting. Oh, what an unalloyed joy it is to be suddenly thrust into chairing a WBAI LSB meeting without prior notice.

We were presented with 6 sets of minutes to approve at this meeting, spanning the LSB meetings for August, September and October. The usual dithering over the exact details of the public comments began, and then someone made a motion to not include the details of the public comments in these minutes, and in all future minutes! This is the same motion that I'd made on April 15th. It got voted down in April, but the members of the LSB have had a lot more experience in how things work since then and it passed this time. We then approved the six sets of minutes.

We then approved an agenda, most of which we didn't get to.

I announced, as Chair pro tem that an executive session of the LSB had been held regarding a personnel matter on Tuesday, November 16.

We canceled the previously set meeting for December 9, and instead voted to have meetings on November 30, 2004, December 15, 2004, and January 5, 2005. November 30, will be the last meeting of the WBAI LSB as currently constituted.

Of course the meeting got disrupted by cat calls and hollering by faction operatives. One guy in particular just hollered throughout the entire meeting, making it difficult for some of the LSB members near him to hear what was going on. This is the typical sort of thing done by the faction. In the end we had no committee reports and instead had public comment beginning at 9:11 PM. During public comment one faction supporter castigated the LSB for not telling people that they could take any of four buses to get to the meeting site. Did the faction operative who'd put this out as the official directions take responsibility for having done that? No, of course not.

The meeting ended at 9:27 PM.

Here is the newsletter I wrote for the WBAI Staff about this meeting

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