Wedding Photographs

You asked for it, you got it! Here are some more wedding photographs from our wedding in January 2006.

Here's the full version of the main photo. Jim Freund isn't in this one because he took the picture. We hope to get other pictures up here soon with Jim in them. On the far right is Uncle Sidney Smith standing in back of R. Paul. Next to R. Paul is Pickles of the North. Maxwell J. Schmid is second from the left, next to him is Ratgirl of the West. Standing right in front is our flower girl for our wedding, Iris. At the far left is Martin, Iris' father. Right in back of Ratgirl is Melissa, Iris' mother, and next to her is Lucie, a long time friend and listener.

Almost the entire wedding party

This next one is of R. Paul and Pickles of the North. Our flower girl is in the photograph too. This was taken minutes after the actual wedding.

R. Paul and Pickles of the North with the flower girl.

Here's the wedding party, sans photographer Jim Freund, in the hall right outside the County Clerk's office.

The Wedding party in the hall

And this is a photograph of Pickles of the North and R. Paul making the great pronouncement of their marriage to the multiverse.

R. Paul and Pickles issue proclamation from County Clerk's office

It's possible that there may be even more photographs to come.