What The Hell Is GLIB.COM?

Getting to this Web site is easy. Just type “glib” in your Web browser's “open” dialog and you'll automatically be brought here!

This Web site has evolved a lot since it was started in 1995, and I hope it will get even better now that it's easier to remember and easier to get to.

I was inspired to get the Domain Name GLIB.COM when I put up the Web page for the group “Gay & Lesbian Identified Bisexuals” in the Fall of 1997. Of course the group is called GLIB. Out of curiosity I looked around and found that there was a GLIB.ORG on the Web, but no GLIB.COM. After a couple of months of wondering if I should get GLIB.COM as my domain name I finally bit in January 1998, and here we all are.

So here is my GLIB inspiration!

A dictionary definition of glib is:
  1. smooth; slippery; as, ice is glib. [Dial.]
  2. done in a smooth, offhand fashion.
  3. (a) speaking or spoken in a smooth, easy manner; facile; fluent; (b) speaking or spoken in a manner too smooth and easy to be convincing.

Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged, Second Edition, p. 776, © 1966 by The World Publishing Company.

Glib is not an entirely complementary word for a guy who can talk for two hours at a stretch on the radio, for a guy who probably shoots his mouth off too much. “Smooth” is okay, but “slippery,” well there's a slope for ya.

I'll try to make this Web site live up to the better parts of that definition and leave the rest to others.

R. Paul Martin
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