In Honor of the Telecommunications Act of 1996

Fuck Bill Clinton!

Fuck Al Gore!

Fuck James Exon!

Fuck Pat Buchanan!

Fuck Bob Dole!

Fuck all the bastards who had anything to do with this assault on the First Amendment!

If you are offended by the language or graphic thoughts communicated in this message, then welcome to America, where some of us still believe we have the right to say what we think!

Just think, the word “fuck” is included in the dictionary bundled with the Bookshelf 94 and Bookshelf 95 CD-ROMs which are a part of Microsoft Office Professional. The word isn't just included, it has a sound button. You can click on the speaker icon and your computer will say, “Fuck!” to you. Want to take bets on the government, any government, going after Billy Gates and trying to arrest him for violating the “decency act” because he's shipping a CD-ROM with dirty words on it all over the place?

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