Web links related to the Back of the Book program of April 6th, 1998

I've corrected this page later on in the day. You'll find more links here than were available during the program.

WBAI related links

WBAI Listeners' Web page

Free Pacifica Web site

Union bulletin #10

WBAI Management's official Web site

The Quack Watch page! Go there and do a search for "WBAI" and see what you get.

Here's more on the erosion of the Miranda Decision. This is a large, academic Web page, not light reading.

The actual court decision on Miranda rights from Cornell University.

And, to finish up this section, here's a treatise on Deception By Police written by Professor Jerome H. Skolnick of the NYU Law School.

A whole lot of links on the late Bella Abzug (from a Yahoo! search).

Even more links on the late Bella Abzug (from an Alta Vista search).

Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope: All Story Web page.

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