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WBAI related links

WBAI Listeners' Web page

Free Pacifica Web site

Union bulletin #10

WBAI Management's official Web site

A fan's page on the late Wendy O. Williams.

The Free Internet Chess Server where I've been spending too much time lately.

Here's the United States Chess Federation Web site.

So they're trotting out the old, but not that old, Shroud of Turin for another Holy Freak Show to fleece the yokels. There are too many Web sites on this laughable hoax to list on this Web page, so here are the results of a Yahoo! search for the Shroud of Turin. Look down the list a ways for the Shroud of Turin T-shirts.

Then we have the results of an AltaVista search for the Shroud of Turin.

But here are some sites that are typical of this topic:

A true believer scientist who set out to prove that the silly shroud was not a hoax in 1978.

A sky pilot's blatherings about the Carbon-14 tests performed in 1988, which showed that the shroud was a hoax.

A skeptic's look at this idiotic phenomenon.

As usual the New York Times has pulled that story on the cell phone encryption method that was purposely crippled so the government could snoop on calls.

Also, here's the press release from the company that makes its money off this half assed method of encryption, GSM.

And I'll also give you the GSM page of the geeks who cracked their code and exposed the fact that someone somewhere made GSM a compromised system from the get go. And if you don't believe that this someone could have been Satan, then maybe you'll believe that it might be the government.

In our listener mail segment on this program regular listener/contributor/letter writer “Ben The Shmegeggy Labor Minimalist” sent us, and suggested we put on the Web page, an artifact on the old “WMCA Good Guys” from the '60s.

The WMCA Good Guys

Ben wrote, “I heard you chatting briefly with Mad Max Schmid about the 'WMCA Good Guys.' You said Ron Lundy was one of them - he wasn't. Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, Chuck Leonard and 'Cousin' Bruce Morrow were DJs on WABC-77. .... As to who the 'WMCA Good Guys' were, I am enclosing a copy of the WMCA Fabulous 57 survey for the first week of February 1968.” Thanks for the information, and the graphic, Ben.

WMCA was a radio station in New York City. It occupied the lowest AM frequency on the dial, not a great position. They were a Rock'N'Roll station and competed with the bigger stations in New York City. Today neither WMCA nor the bigger stations it competed with are the same. It and WABC are now “Talk Radio” stations, almost exclusively with a right wing bent, and WINS, former home of “Murray the K,” has been all news for more than 30 years.

Now these aren't necessarily the “WMCA Good Guys” that I used to listen to. When this picture was published I was in basic training in the U.S. army. I mostly listened to them while sort of doing homework from maybe sometime in the late '50s, or so until maybe sometime in 1966. I distinctly remember Joe O'Brien, Harry Harrison (whose name bumper I can still hear in my head), and “Dandy” Dan Daniel. I remember the name of Jack Spector, but I think that he may have been on during hours when I just wasn't listening to the radio, I'm not sure. The other two guys I do not remember at all. Of course I'm getting pretty old now and my memory may just be failing on this.

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