Web links related to the Back of the Book program of May 4th, 1998

Web site about C.M Escher's 100th birthday.
Americans for Computer Privacy’s Web site.

Spiritualist craziness is having a heyday. See photos of ectoplasm, which is really a leaf from a plant that's too close to the lens, hear phone calls from ghosts. It's more of this end of the century/end of the millennium silliness. The woman who's doing all of this has gotten on TV for her vanity press book. It's amazing that people can spend so much time paying attention to stuff like this.

Here's that page that gives you the current theory of the ancestry of the genus Homo.
Photographs of R. Paul Martin from decades ago.
Click on the thumbnail image below for the full sized photograph.
Little Hoodlum Fire Chief Coney Island July 1961
A 3 or 4 year old RPM dressed as a little hoodlum
RPM in his version of 'rosebud.'
RPM at 13, already a sexual being
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