Web links related to the Back of the Book program of June 29th, 1998

So I've sort of updated this a bit. A bunch of what I talked about on the program is simply from an era when there was no Web, an era when the Internet was populated almost exclusively by military organizations and academics. There was never a Gay Acticists Alliance or a Gay Liberation Front Web page. So we don't have a ton of links. Sorry about that. But you might consider some of these.

Here's some Yahoo! coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on HIV infection being a disablity.

New York City AIDS Hot Line 212-447-8200

The gay & lesbian TV program In the Life wants me to let you know that they're on this week.

There is also Planet Out which does gay radio on the Web.

And, of course, Pickles of the North and I went to The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island on Saturday.

WBAI related links

Union bulletin #11

Free Pacifica Web site

WBAI Listeners' Web page

WBAI Management's official Web site

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