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This page is getting updated again on Monday night, so you might come back again then and see what I've put up on the second try. There's a Program Director's Staff meeting on Monday night at 6:00 PM, so there may be programming changes at WBAI to report. They say they are looking at the late night and weekend programs. For now though, here's what I have.

I'm taking a gamble here that the New York Times isn't going to kill this link too soon. It's about Timothy McVeigh's case against the Navy and AOL.

So ultra conformist Roy Rogers died this past fortnight. He's finally joining Trigger and Bullet at the big grave that only needs Dale now to be complete.

Rogers made a lot of stinky movies in his day. But there are always hero worshippers for anyone who gets enough publicity.

Forget that World Cup crap, tuberculosis may finally be defeatable. It has become a major disease again in America in the last decade or so. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has been fighting the disease for a long time. Among the many who have succumbed to this disease was the writer Franz Kafka.

Some people think that chess is a halcyon game played by some sort of aristocracy who are more interested in formalistic manners than anything else. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Chess is in fact a cutthroat game where people get very impassioned about what they're doing and will commit all sorts of nasty acts in an effort to win at any cost. I've been playing at the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) for some months now, and at the so called Internet Chess Club (ICC) where I've won a six month membership for free. Unfortunately, money is an issue in chess and the international chess organization, FIDE, is as impoverished as many individual chess players are. The current President of FIDE is one Kirsan N. Iljumzhinov, who is frequently described as the Khan of Kalmykia. Here's an article about the murder of a journalist who dared to criticize this small scale dictator. Chess certainly doesn't need this guy as President of the world's chess organization!

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