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There was a Program Director's Staff meeting on Monday night, July 13, at 6:00 PM, there are programming changes coming to the overnight and weekend schedules at WBAI. Whether or not Back of the Book is going to be affected by these I do not know at this time. the changes are set to take place in September and October. They're not going to happen all at once. I'll certainly let everyone know about what's happening with Back of the Book on this score.

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The U.S. Navy has a little scandal on its hands. A bunch of sailors, seven male and three female, held a little orgy in a Hong Kong hotel room while they were on shore leave. This proves that heterosexuals should be banned from the military. And since homosexuals and bisexuals are already banned, this would mean that what we need to have is a eunuchs-only military. Anyone who has any sexual urges whatsoever is not good enough for the U.S. military.

Anti gay bigots are taking out full page ads in newspapers to try and "cure" people of their homosexuality. Being bisexual I say fooey on them! You can't "change" someone's sexual orientation. Here are some people who have been through these so called "ex-gay" ministries.

Hey, Jody Foster had a baby. She and the newborn are doing fine in her closet. I wonder what John Hinckley Jr. thinks of this? She has lots of fans.

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