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On Monday the House Judiciary Committee released the video tapes of Clinton's grand jury testimony, just in case anyone thought that this was something other than a purely political exercise. I want to give you more than one source to choose from for these streaming video clips. I'll update what I can here during the coming week.

The following sites provide you with several options for viewing all or part of the videos of President Clinton's testimony to the Starr Grand Jury. Please note that you'll have to get the video clips that are compatible with your modem. A 56K modem can watch a 28.8K video, but a 28.8K modem will not work well with a 56K video stream. Owing to several factors, including how much lag there is on a particular site or on the internet as a whole, you may need to try more than one site to find the best video you can view.

MSNBC has options for those with 56K modems or T1 lines to see the video at a faster, higher video quality, rate.

The Washington Post offers 28.8K and 56K modem speeds.

From across the pond the BBC has its own takes on the videos, and has options for either 28.8K or 14.4K modems.

National Public Radio has a page that's set up for use by 28.8K modems.

The New York Times has the videos.

CSPAN has it; be advised that this one has no options and just opens the video immediately. For 28.8K modems.

Fox News has it in 9 segments, and gives you the choise of using a 28.8K or a 56K modem.

The Web based broadcast.com has the video as well, for 28.8K modems.

Court TV has a feed suitable for a 28.8K modem.

In England there used to be an institution called the Star Chamber that met in secret and used torture to extract “confessions” from those whom the Crown had decided it was going to ruin. That Star Chamber last met in 1641.

For the last several years in America we've had our own Starr Chamber, and it's been a right wing attempt to annul the results of the 1992, and 1996, Presidential elections.

Here's the House Judiciary Committee's Web site with the “Starr Referral”. It goes right to what you're looking for so you don't have to worry about reading the damned crap from adulterer Hyde, nor see his ugly face.

And here's the White House rebuttal, which seems pretty lame to me.

The Autumnal Equinox will occur on Wednesday, September 23, 1998 at 0137, which is 1:37 AM EDT.

I've put together all of the seasons and sub-seasons to the year 2005.

Here's the Scientific American piece on tropical forests contributing 4 billion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere a year, yet another unexpected result of global warming, and the way it's feeding back into the problem.

Here's the New York State Racing Association's Web site. Our own Maxwell J. Schmid informs me that the woman who looks like a heroin addict in their ad, with sunken eyes and a generally unhealthy look about her, is one Lori Petty, an actress who played the eponymous character in that 1995, blockbuster movie Tank Girl. No heroin addicts are obvious at the NYRA Web site though.

I just know that everyone is salivating for news about the Chess Olympiad and the controversies surrounding it. Will all of this eventually hit the regular news?

As of Sunday evening, the New York Times was still largely crippled by the attack on it over the previous weekend by hackers purporting to be supporters of Mr. Kevin Mitnick. This attack on the Times Web site was allegedly in retaliation for a book written on Mr. Mitnick's case by a Times reporter. As of Monday, however, everything seems to have been repaired, and the Times Web site bore this note, "All services of The New York Times on the Web, including the Forums and Site Search, are now available."

A listener informed me after the program that Kevin Mitnick has disavowed this attack, and it does seem like it would do him more damage than good. Here's the official Kevin Mitnick Web site.

My take is that Mr. Mitnick is a real jerk, at best, and maybe simply a career criminal. But everyone should have certain basic legal rights and it does seem that Mr. Mitnick's rights are being trampled on. The official site will give you a lot of details on this case.

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