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It's Wednesday, 11/17/99 05:52:47, and it's that time of year again. The amount of daylight is minuscule and the brightness of it is pitiful. Oh, depression. Pickles of the North has bought us some supposedly full spectrum light bulbs, so we'll see how useful they are this season. I'm not sure, but I may be done with this page. There are some links I'd like to put in, but one of the down sides of covering some topical subjects is that no one's put any Web pages up on them yet.

Of course the change in season doesn't stop the folks in charge of the Pacifica Foundation from doing bad things. See below for more on that.

For the latest scandal in the Pacifica Network see my page about the theft of Pacifica.

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A lot of dysfunctions in people are related to our brains. Scientists at NYU Medical School believe they have found a linkage between various diseases from Parkinson's Disease to severe depression in the informational connection between two parts of the brain. This could really revolutionize the understanding of many problems that people have. But I'm not at all sure that I'm thrilled with the proposed “cure” for some of these brain diseases: implanted computer chips. Now is it paranoid of me to see a real potential for abuse in this sort of treatment?

Regular listeners will remember that in a past program I've covered some new technology that could merge the chips that serve as modern brands in cattle and the chips in those debit or credit cards that only have to be passed over a detector to work. It has been speculated by some that in the future people will be able to get their financial chips implanted. I'm sure that some folks will be dumb enough to welcome this. Combine the embedded credit card technology, with its I/O capabilities, and the implanted chips that will “cure” your depression, Parkinson's Disease, etc. and you've got a setup that no candidate for Big Brother could resist. It's still safe to laugh at the crazies who wear aluminum foil hats to avoid thought control, but this may not always be the case.

On Saturday the announcement was made that what astronomers believe is a planet was observed passing in front of a star.

I've gone on before about the tragic case of Eddie Warner and Sam Manzies. Warner was the 11 year old boy who was murdered by Manzies a couple of years ago. This past fortnight young Manzies, still only a teenager, was brought into court again to testify against the man with whom he'd had sex, a Mr. Simmons. Manzies has refused. Good for him!

It is my opinion that Sam Manzies' parents, and the cops involved in all of this, are the ones who should be on trial. A young gay kid was driven nuts by them all and then punished after he snapped. This may be hard for some folks to understand, but if you've ever been a young gay kid, as I was long ago, you can understand the massive, irresistible pressures brought to bear on this Manzies kid by his parents and the various ensleeved governments' law enforcement and their permanent destruction of a kid who's sexual orientation wasn't convenient for any of them.

I read the following E-mails, which I concatenated to save time, on the air. I've removed part of “Doctor One Hand's” E-mail address to avoid his getting any retaliatory E-mail sent to him. I think these are excellent illustrations of the fact that there are some very ignorant people living among us. He's against mathematics, didn't like my description of how a solar eclipse happens (supplying his own explanation) and then reveals his greatest displeasure: the program itself. Yeah, this reconfirms my tendency to not take phone calls. Luckily, he appears to have only listened to one program.

Subject: mathamatics is bullshit.
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 02:39:18 -0400
From: DR1HANDD@——.com
To: "rpm@glib.com" <rpm@glib.com>

because everything biological and occuring without the will of man has such great mathamatical odds against it happening that the probability of it happening is astonishing.

the only time mathematics works is in a limited system were the cycle occures. but the cycle is never exactly the same

Subject: the tides are not caused by the moon.
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 02:41:49 -0400
From: DR1HANDD@——.com
To: "rpm@glib.com" <rpm@glib.com>

it is caused by the breath of the earth that coinsides

Subject: i wish they would take you off the air.
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 02:44:24 -0400
From: DR1HANDD@——.com
To: "rpm@glib.com" <rpm@glib.com>

you show serves no purpose except to feed you ego

if you took phone calls and let the people who own the airwaves speak i would feel different

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