Back of the Book — February 14, 2015

The 1918 flu virus.
Something Like What I'm Fighting Now
photo credit: CDC/ Dr. Terrence Tumpey

Well, at this time this is not my usual program page. The reason is that I am still in bad shape here. I'm in bad shape from having gotten what Pickles of the North has diagnosed as the flu. Charging around in the wee hours of a brutally cold morning could actually be dangerous for me. Getting some very cold air in my already distressed lungs could be very bad.

So this morning's program will be another pre-recorded one. When something like this happened 11 months ago we called on Uncle Sidney to fill in for us, but since WBAI General Manager Berthold Reimers had Uncle Sidney removed from the station and told he was “banned for life” without bothering to give Sidney a reason, that's no longer an option.

Anyway, this is a pitching program. But there's plenty of program in amid the pitching. I am in pretty bad shape and I'll have to wait until I'm better able to function before I can judge if the program and the editing are up to par. I already know about an editing mistake I made.

A big thanks to our own Maxwell J. Schmid for staying late while I wrestled with software, in my current condition. Max then posted the audio file to the computer in Master Control. Without Max's efforts we wouldn't have been able to get a program on the air this morning.

So I hope to get a proper program Web page up here when my brain is no longer fried by this fever.

This is a link to the official archive of this radio program, it has audio problems. The final part of the official archive file is not quite working.

For those who want to hear the entire program, minus the copyrighted music, I have made a good archive of this radio program, you should be able to get it by clicking here.

PS - please call 1-212-209-2950 and pledge during this radio program.

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