January & February 1995, Folio copy

Sunday, January 1, 1995 Back of the Book Gosh, we made it into the Folio this time! Now that the corpo-festivities for the fill-in-the-blank holidays are ending Ennui The Hedgehog interviews the ever slippery Mr. Bilious T. Slugbladder about his sucking up to the recently victorious RepubliNazi Party by marketing a new toy for the kiddies; called the Pro-Life Bus it only has wheels on the right side, and features banners for the bus with slogans such as "Kill the Poor," "Kill The Women's Clinic Doctors," "Death Penalty Now," and the ever popular "Smoking Is Good For Your Lungs." The bus requires a special attachment if you want it to turn left, and to get that you have to supply the company with your name, address and hours when you'll be sound asleep. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, January 15, 1995, Back of the Book We are informed that we are not on the air this night.

Sunday, January 29, 1995, Back of the Book Wow! Are we allowed back in the Folio again? In a medical segment Itchy T. Echidna speaks to Dr. Callipygious Catamite about the case of a boy who is congenitally unable to distinguish between ass kissing and ass kicking, which of course makes him totally unable to function in modern society. Hector and Anvil cover the annual food fight in the WBAI canteen which this year is the target of U.N. sanctions for violating the Geneva Convention's ban on germ warfare. Pope Weaselpenis XVI pontifidefecates about the whole world going to hell real soon now, as proof he shows that demonic forces have turned the Speaker of the House of Representatives into a Newt! Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, February 12, 1995, Back of the Book Your host is glad to be here since on this date the U.S. army declared him dead in 1968. In an extraterrestrial segment Hector and Anvil report live from the surface of the asteroid Zappafrank which the new RepubliNazi regime has named as the first target for their revived "Star Wars" boondoggle. Salamander Gingrich (R, Nowheresville) says, "This is a dangerous asteroid. It's liable to pervert the thinking of any astronomers who look at it!" Bill "Backbone of the Nation" Clinton comments, "I'm just glad there's no asteroid named after Fleetwood Mac. And I've heard that Zappa guy inhaled!" Just in time for Valentine's Day, your host will report on his still ongoing Spring Offensive to get a girlfriend. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, February 26, 1995, Back of the Book Is Winter ever going to end? Itchy T. Echidna reports on the opening of the new RepubliNazi Orphanages, which are being franchised to entrepreneurs. With NAFTA, many of the new pseudo-orphans are being shipped to Mexico where there are no oppressive laws against child labor. At the Herbert Hoover Orphanage children are taught how to make residences out of cardboard boxes. In a saintly segment Pope Weaselpenis XVI convenes the canonization hearings on Richard M. Nixon. Debated is whether Tricky Dicky will be the patron saint of cloth coats, secret audio tapes or crooked politicians. The test pattern for the video portion of this program will be the stretch marks of Senator Jesse Helms (R, North Toejam). Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

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