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The WBAI Folio is no longer being published. Its last gasp was to be published only four times a year as part of another organization's printed schedule of events. This guide to WBAI's programming had been published monthly and then every other month for almost 38 years, as per the mandate of the late Lew Hill, founder of the Pacifica Foundation (the Pacifica Foundation owns WBAI).

At the end of October 1997, Valerie Van Isler, who at that time was still WBAI's crazy General Manager, fired the Folio Editor! She then said that she would mail out one sheet of paper showing a “grid” of the programs on the air. She said that from then on there would be no program guide for listeners other than this one sheet mailed out about five or six times a year. Everyone else at the station realized that this was a disaster in the making, and a betrayal of the trust of the listeners.

On January 9th, 1998, an 8 page Folio was produced by some Paid and Unpaid Staff at the station, with the Paid Staff working as Unpaid Staff on this project. This publication was mailed out to the subscribers. As far as Van Isler was concerned, that was the last Folio any WBAI listener was ever going to see.

And except for the last gasp mentioned above, it was.

Maybe some day we'll have a full sized, independent, monthly Folio back again that would welcome the kind of Folio copy that is traditional for Back of the Book. Until then here are the Folio archives for Back of the Book.

Yes, at some points it doesn't all look too regular, but that's the way the Folio got published.

November & December 1997 (This Folio was never published)

September & October 1997

July & August 1997

May & June 1997

March & April 1997

January & February 1997

November & December 1996

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December 1994

October & November 1994

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February & March 1994

January 1994

Archives of Folio copy from 1991, to 1993

Archives of Folio copy from 1986, to 1990

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