March & April 1995, Folio copy

Sunday, March 12, 1995 Back of the Book In a kiddies' segment, Itchy T. Echidna covers the debut of the new anatomically correct doll which has the blessing of the new Congress. Called "Hooker Barbie" it takes play money and hangs around political conventions in its special, skimpy wardrobe saying, "If you thought leather was kinky wait until you try plastic!" Ennui The Hedgehog takes us on a tour of the Institute for Gruntledness which treats former employees, lovers and public officials and restores their gruntled nature. The Institute's founder, Dr. Bilious T. Slugbladder, illustrates what he says is his technique for the world's fastest lobotomy. The video portion of this program will consist of objects which are closer than they appear. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, March 26, 1995 Back of the Book Spring has sprung! Your host is finally starting to move on his 1994, Spring Offensive to get a significant other - at least he's planning on starting to move on it. In a breaking religio-proctological segment we cover the sudden departure of Pope Weaselpenis XVI for the shrine at Lourdes where he is trying to mediate the effects of a protest by the group Saving Hemorrhoids In Today's Society. With banners declaring "Keep those fannies out of the water!" and "Ban the buns!" the group demands that one portion of the human anatomy be kept out of the so-called healing waters. The Peripatetic Pontiff, from the protection of his own ring cushion, is said to consider the protestors to be cheeky. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, April 9, 1995 Back of the Book While looking through the back pages of a magazine your host has stumbled upon his latest adventure: army surplus sex. He'll probably have a recipe for using left over cosmoline from World War II, which is easier to fix than his Spring Offensive. In a right-wing-rampage segment Hector & Anvil cover Congress Critters from the RepubliNazi Party who are unveiling their new program called Fun Prevention. In furtherance of this goal the First Amendment is being suspended and laughter has been declared a crime, smiling will merely be a misdemeanor. In a related sports segment Ennui The Hedgehog covers the semi-finals of the Congressional shallow-water high- dive competition to determine which state will host the RepubliNazi Convention next year. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, April 23, 1995 Back of the Book Your host, having just been declared the conceptual odalisque of the netherworld, is undoubtedly still attempting to excavate a personal life. As mid-Spring approaches Hector & Anvil interview Little Squishy about his plan to give up sex with farm animals and turn to plants. He will attempt to break the world land speed record for personally inseminating tulips this season, saying that they're much easier to catch than sheep. In a breakfast segment Pope Weaselpenis XVI unveils his new cereal named Godforsaken Flakes. Stating that he'll match his aspergillam against Tony the Tiger any day, the Aggrandizing Pontiff also declares that each mouthful of this cereal carries with it a partial indulgence. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

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