March & April 1997, Folio copy

Sunday, March 9, 1997, Back of the Book Wow! Did we actually make it back into the Folio? Or has the Deadly Cult of the Tocks Tap extended its reach from destroying the electromagnetic spectrum to obliterating print as well? In the hope that Little Squishy can overcome the Anti-Spell Checker League, who owe all of their success to the catchy motto "Grammar is politically incorrect!" we shall try again to get into the exalted publication that used to be a program guide. In a candy coated segment Itchy T. Echidna embarks on a taste test of the newly marketed confection the Slugbladder Sugar Suck Stick. Watch as reporter Echidna, about to drop a sample he found in the men's room into his mouth, reacts to the warning, "I hope you don't think that's a damned Tootsie Roll!" Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, March 23, 1997, Back of the Book Spring has been Sprung! With the 1994, Spring Offensive apparently over, what will your host do? Must he return to the angst mines to find out what's next? Meanwhile, as Pickles of the North continues her attempted dredging of the National Debris Preserve (where your host lives), a sudden crisis develops when she cannot be reached through the ion cloud generated by the motile debris and she's needed by her guerilla cell which is waging resistance against Santa Claus (the jolly oppressor). In legislative news, Ennui the Hedgehog covers Senator Jesse Helms' latest legislation which would ban comet Hale-Bopp because it contradicts the Bible, and because its name is too cool. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, April 6, 1997, Back of the Book His dull roots having been stirred by Spring rain, your host is adrift in his own hormonal gravy. Karma pirates have lately started to covet all of those tea spoons he's accumulated and are only waiting for him to take some ether and hop on the table before they begin their caper. Pope Weaselpenis XVI tells Hector and Anvil why he missed the Easter ceremonies last week. The explanation has something to do with the bunnies he'd been sequestered with and the lawsuits which have followed. To reminisce, Jesus H. Christ talks about the days of wandering around after having resurrected himself. "Y'know if I could do with my career what I did with my corpse I'd be richer than Gates," he jokes with the perverted pontiff. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, April 20, 1997, Back of the Book This would have been Adolf Hitler's one hundred eighth birthday, and in a metaphysical segment his former ally and wanna-was sidekick Uncle Joe Stalin hosts a roast for the erstwhile Fuhrer. Highlights of the event, filmed in the Vatican, include mid-air mime by heel hanging expert Benito Mussolini, an ultra-alto rendering of Wagner by Generalissimo Francisco Franco and a Punch and Judy sketch featuring Kim Il Sung and Evita Peron. Noteworthy is Emperor Hirohito's sitting with his back to the audience for the entire affair in an effort to bolster his claim to be attending under duress. In a nod to the culture of Las Vegas, Eva Braun pops out of a cake, looks at the Fuhrer, cries, "Uncle!" and dies of poison. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

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