April & May 1994, Folio copy

Sunday, April 10, 1994, Back of the Book Gosh, I guess we’reback in the Folio. Has Spring finally arrived?! Can we peel theWinter caulking from our bodies at last and bask in non-glacialweather? In a parental segment, Hector and Anvil discuss whyKathy Lee has named her children after early '50s TV heroes Commando Cody and Hopalong Cassidy. Discussion centers around whether the next one will be named after Froggy the Magic Gremlin or Crusader Rabbit. Howdy Doody and Rootie Kazootie have already been ruled out as being too euphonious. In an ectoplasmic segment, Pope Weaselpenis XVI interviews The Holy Ghost who has declared that he has had it with being a second class deity. "Being a second class member of a Trinity doesn't leave you feeling very much like a god. I gotta tell you I'm pissed off," says the oft-neglected Master of the Universe. "I mean, okay, I got to knock up the Blessed Virgin Mary, but what have I done since then?" The Holy Ghost has demanded that the order of deities in the "Sign of the Cross" be rotated. "Why, half the prayers I receive are misdirected ones that are really meant for Casper the Friendly Ghost!" he says. The third place deity threatens to open negotiations with Lucifer unless he gets a better plot line in the Bible. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, April 24, 1994, Back of the Book Gee whiz, are we still in the Folio? Featured: Ennui The Hedgehog profiles Sigismundo Fraud, Ph.D. who served as consulting psychopath for the Nixon administration. Nearly twenty years after a certain unpleasantness, Doc Fraud finally reveals Tricky Dicky's plan to drop LSD into the booze supply of Congress in order to avoid impeachment. The plan was abandoned after preliminary tests revealed that Congresscritters lacked the basic I.Q. necessary for LSD to have any effect. The video portion of our program will consist of the politico-erotic fantasies of Senator Jesse Helms, (R) West Hell. The focus is on the Senator's Jism Bill which would authorize the Senator to perform surreptitious nocturnal surveillance of anyone suspected of being in possession of bodily fluids. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, May 8, 1994, Back of the Book Are we Folioed yet? Members of our new, live orchestra, Mick Turition and his Flowing Yellow Band, discuss the problems their new notoriety has brought them. The biggest problem: nitre groupies. Itchy T. Echidna interviews Mr. B. Stiality who has launched a new project: a set of 900# sex lines for household pets. Some of the call wranglers for his service include a spaniel who’s bark is sexier than her bite, and the fabled Kitten Sisters, for Toms who are just tired of the alley scene. Controversial is the service’s Rat Line, which has attracted an unexpectedly large number of guys who never call women, and will do anything to avoid contact with a Wet Spot. The head iguana of the Reptile Line discusses the problems they’ve had dealing with Senator Jesse Helms who runs up a huge bill he doesn’t have to pay as part of the line’s Senator’s Discount. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

Sunday, May 22, 1994, Back of the Book And are they excising us from the Folio again? Is your host's Spring Offensive happening? No, it has nothing to do with odor. He's supposed to be seeking what is now referred to as a significant other. Has your horny host succeeded? Is he still hiding under the covers? Alone? With Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Pride month only days away, and the twenty fifth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots coming up some predict that he will meet some nice bisexual woman - from Idaho! Is your host destined to succumb to the latent virginity which may be lurking in his psyche? Hector and Anvil cover the shocking aftermath of the Great Disaster of '94, when some of your host's old underwear escaped and stampeded through the streets of New York. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

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