May & June 1997, Folio copy

Sunday, May 4, 1997, Back of the Book After ftp-ing into the Hubble Space Telescope Little Squishy determines that the members of the Deadly Cult of the Tocks Tap have not boarded the mothership in back of the now receding comet Hale-Bopp, so the struggle to resist their Lotusland Mediocrity device continues, and now it appears that the cult is planning on selling off about one-fifth of the electromagnetic spectrum for a price said to be "in the gazillions." In a septic sports segment taped in front of a New York City hospital Ennui The Hedgehog shows his extensive collection of bacteria trading cards. They range from the mundane Escherichia Coli, with its mostly mundane gut wrenchings, to Yersinia Pestis that has stats on the plagues it has started over history on the back of its card along with a cross section of a bubo and an ode to rats. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, May 18, 1997, Back of the Book The Middle Third has begun and everyone else is urged to get out into it. Your host, who is no longer having to prosecute the 1994, Spring Offensive, will probably just do things indoors as Pickles of the North makes him her woman. In a household repair segment Itchy T. Echidna interviews a Mr. Bilious T. Slugbladder, who claims to be a master carpenter, about his new product which is designed to keep dolphins off your roof. Questioned about the costliness of the dolphin repellent he says that no one who has used his system has ever had to scrape dolphin poop off their shingles. Coming soon: his shark cage for dune buggies, which you can buy a distributorship for by calling his lawyers Bilk & Gouge who will help you sign an organ donor card for the deposit. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, June 1, 1997, Back of the Book Gay & Lesbian Pride Month (which needs to have the word "bisexual" added in there) has begun and your host, who has had sex with gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and straight people of all genders, will be observing the doings and adding his own perspectives. Featured as part of the fund raising on WBAI will be a credulous "interview" with Deepfat Chakra who tells listeners how to live forever, but leaves out a few necessary parts of the formula which listeners can find out about by getting his $250 premium. Besides the secret of eternal life Mr. Chakra will reveal that he has discovered a direct pipeline to dog spelled backwards, an additional $150 premium, and has a video tape, for an additional C-note, that tells how to get a better sex life, cure baldness and alleviate those pesky anal warts. Deepfat tells tales of his native land where everyone is spiritual and the life expectancy is 35. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, June 15, 1997, Back of the Book Spring is nearly over, Summer's almost here, your host is vigorously attempting to retain his deep pallor. But in an outdoor segment Hector & Anvil present a documentary on lice herding in the fertile valleys of an island named Manhattan. The colorful lives of the lice herders often collide with modern society as is seen in the video portion of the program when an entire subway car is emptied of passengers after a herd or two are brought in for transport to market. In a superstitious segment Pope Weaselpenis XVI laughs off tales of alien abduction after he consults his accountant and finds that he can take that Heaven's Gate thing off his taxes. One long time controversy is resolved as the perverted Pontiff proffers a signed affidavit from the Lock Ness Monster stating that it does exist (this document is notarized by Deepfat Chakra). Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, June 29, 1997, Back of the Book Your gay identified bisexual host will have been marching in the Gay & Lesbian (and one of these years "Bisexual" will be in that title!) Pride March during what is now yesterday afternoon. Given that his knee is probably still a wreck, this may have been a painful experience. And speaking of painful experiences is probably what he'll do tonight as his grab-bag mind remembers tales of his rummage sale personality moving through the Gay Liberation Movement in one way or some other for 27 years. Has he dragged Pickles of the North to the march this year? Has he been officially expunged from gay history for this? Tune in and hear the experiences and perspectives of someone uniquely qualified to blather on for two hours about gay, lesbian and bisexual issues. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

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