July & August 1995, Folio copy

July 2, 1995 Back of the Book This is the annual show where your bisexual host talks about the shenanigans of last week's Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Pride March and reminisces about his 25 year relationship with the movement. He'll also report on how his search for a Significant Other fared over that past two weeks. Members of the Secret Service may listen to this program through rubber gloves they stick in their ears. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

July 16, 1995 Back of the Book Short Folio? Short Folio copy! Your short host will talk about his current 1994, Spring Offensive to find a Significant Other, which is still ongoing. Will the Summer of '95, find him meeting one of the four women left on earth who can stand him? The video portion of this program will consist of a tour of the erotic tatoos of Mr. Lungmorsel. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

July 30, 1995 Back of the Book It's Mid-Summer and we're not supposed to have "creative" Folio copy in a short Folio. In the video portion of our program Ennui the Hedgehog previews a new game show called Leaping for Lice, based on seating customs in the New York City subway system, it features disinfectant prizes. Members of the listening audience are invited to play the home version of this game. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

August 13, 1995 Back of the Book Tonight's mid-Summer movie is a part of the Bob Dole RepubliNazi Theater series titled "Bowsy Wowsy - The Heart Worming Story of Two Dogs in Love." Live in our studio Itchy T. Echidna interviews the movie's star Bite Me the Wonder Dog. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

August 27, 1995 Back of the Book Well if we're still here then this program completes the ninth year of Back of the Book. Your host will turn 48 in three days and he'll probably be kvetching about being decrepit and falling apart. Wanna bet that he'll also be kvetching about his 1994, Spring Offensive still not quite going anywhere? Hope everyone has a good Summer. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin.

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