September & October 1997, Folio copy

Sunday, September 7, 1997, Back of the Book "How could it have come to this?!" is the repeated chant of the Deadly Cult of the Tocks Tap in reaction to the news that this radio program will celebrate its Eleventh Anniversary tonight! The Cult's official Reality Twister, Mr. Transparent, does point out that it's only five and a half years in weekly terms, but still, it squawks. Your host will express his thrill at having survived yet another full year on the air and will re-read "Before the Law" by Franz Kafka in order to bring the atmosphere of the situation home to listeners. There will be the usual blather about the past, invocation of karma pirates and complaints about being overweight. But at least the 1994, Spring Offensive is over! Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, September 21, 1997, Back of the Book Thirty years ago today your host began writing in a marble faced "Composition" book to which he gave the title "Notes." This marked the beginning of his journal which assists him in dwelling in the past. Just one anniversary after another! He kept the paper version of this journal through ten volumes and then kept it exclusively as an electronic journal which continues to this day. Of course we'll carry on discussing diaries in general, as we've been doing, and your host's journals in particular during this program. There's no telling what revelations are going to erupt from reading the scribbles of a young RPM. The video portion of this program will consist of tapes of your host's belly growing. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, October 5, 1997, Back of the Book Autumn finds Little Squishy still resisting the plots of the Deadly Cult of the Tocks Tap the latest one of which involves the release of giant KRABs from the vicinity of Seattle to eat up parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and, well, excrete secret bucks for the lining of the secret pockets of the Central Committee of the Cult. These KRABs, disguised as a human named Jack Straw, have already removed part of the electromagnetic spectrum from another coast. Little Squishy wonders whatever could they be after around here? In the video portion of our program we welcome investigative reporter Nether Follicles who brooks the issue of crypto-KRAB connections to the Deadly Cult of the Tocks Tap, only to be run afoul of Mr. Transparent, who's slick as .... Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

Sunday, October 19, 1997, Back of the Book In a rare pastry segment your host brings you into his kitchen to watch him bake one of his favorites: those tasty urinal cakes found in all the right men's rooms. For those not familiar with the National Debris Preserve, where he lives, you will also be shown his innovative use of bacteria to keep the place much cleaner than it would be otherwise. In a superstition segment Pope Weaselpenis XVI takes up a collection from the faithful for a Rapture Runway where everyone will be able to ass-end into heaven without obstruction; as a motivation he shows the metaphysical carnage of prematurely ass-ended souls wrapped around poles on I-95. FLASH: the Deadly Cult of the Tocks Tap, concerned about being grabbed by Nether Follicles, retaliates with a new gag rule; t'ain't funny. Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin. (

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