Huzzah! On June 26th, 1997, the filthy, stinking “Communications Decency Act” was finally ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States! It was only by a 7-2 margin, so a pair of the scum, Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Chief Justice William Rehnquist, revealed themselves at last as the true enemies of the First Amendment that they are. But the First Amendment survives!

But the dirty Congress-critters are still trying to assail our rights. They said in the 1997, session that they're looking at some way to rephrase the “CDA” so that they can get away with this theft of rights. In fact they have passed the “Child Online Protection Act”, but it's locked up in court because it's also going to be declared unconstitutional very shortly. Just wait, they'll try to vote in a curfew in cyberspace yet. We wouldn't want to have that nasty Internet keeping little brats up past their bed times now, would we? Join the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign!

Countdown to
   Supreme Court

Back in 1996, that imbecile New York Governor Patootie signed a law, passed by the scum in the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate, that will put people in jail for saying naughty things to kiddies on line. I am glad to report that on June 20, 1997, US District Court Judge Loretta A. Preska ruled the New York State exercise in legislative coprophagia, and the similarly awful one from Georgia, Unconstitutional! How awful was it? Well, if you have a strong stomach, and hold your nose, here's the text of that New York State law. The assault on the First Amendment continues, but so does its defense!

Recognizing our obligation to air irresponsible alternative opinions, we offer this extremely reasoned presentation. Please note, if you're under 18 you're not allowed to look at this because it in fact violates the “decency” provisions in the above named Telecommunications Act of 1996, and contains words that Congress and the President of the United States say you don't know yet. So don't click on this or you'll be permanently perverted!

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